The Big Ten

Dr. Brown offers multiple platforms to meet the needs of administrators, teachers, students, and parents.The Big Ten are 10 critical components identified in empirical literature that are foundational in establishing a positive teaching and learning climate to promote student growth and academic achievement. 

  1. Mind-set/Motivation
  2. Self-efficacy
  3. Caring Relationships
  4. Communication/Collaboration
  5. Student Engagement
  6. Relevance
  7. Competence/Effort
  8. Support
  9. Timely Feedback
  10. Fun/Enjoyment



Motivational Speaking

General Coaching/Mentoring

General Coaching/Mentoring


Serving as an educator can be challenging due to the varying demands that are required to effectively educate students with diverse needs. Through her 27 plus years of service as a parent, teacher, and administrator, Dr. Brown has a unique understanding of these challenges and has a keen ability to connect with a myriad of educational stakeholders.  Dr. Brown’s motivational speaking services include using the power of words to integrate anecdotal experiences, stories, and scenarios to touch the hearts of educators and parents to encourage and motivate them to fulfil their purpose in life with passion. 

General Coaching/Mentoring

General Coaching/Mentoring

General Coaching/Mentoring


Many beginning/lateral entry teachers enter the teaching profession unprepared to effectively meet the varying needs of students. Oftentimes, when faced with unexpected challenges, these educators get discouraged and lose their excitement for teaching, along with their belief that they can make a difference in the lives of children.  Some suffer from burn-out and eventually seek other means of employment.  Beginning teachers need sustained support with timely feedback.  Through Mind-sets and Motivation, LLC, Dr. Brown offers sustained support to teachers through weekly classroom observations along with timely feedback using the Get Better Faster Coaching Model: A 90-Day Plan for Coaching New Teachers (Bambrick-Santoyo, 2016) as one resource. This service targets, but is not limited to, beginning, lateral entry and/or struggling teachers.

Parent Engagement Coaching

Professional Development and Tutoring

Professional Development and Tutoring


Research confirms that parent engagement is promotive of numerous positive outcomes for students including academic achievement, engagement in schoolwork, and lower drop-out rates. Dr. Brown’s research expertise in establishing effective home-school-community partnerships combined with her decades of practical experience working with parents in various educational settings, including Title I schools, defines her as a leading expert on parent advocacy and agency. Dr. Brown provides coaching sessions to administrators, teachers, parents, and home-school coordinators on parent empowerment through establishing effective home-school-community partnerships.  

Professional Development and Tutoring

Professional Development and Tutoring

Professional Development and Tutoring


Teaching extends beyond knowing the content we teach and sharing information with students.  As professionals, teachers must stay attuned to on-going research on effective ways to maximize their impact in empowering themselves and their students during the teaching-learning process.  Dr. Brown conducts 1.5  hour professional development sessions with follow-up sessions to provide feedback and support as it relates to the topic presented.

       Tutorial services include providing students with individual  assistance  and needed support . Dr. Brown's tutorial sessions are designed to maximize student learning through utilizing engaging motivational  strategies  with on-going interactions with teachers and parents.   

Professional Development Topics include:

  • Understanding the Profession/Self-Efficacy and Self-Care
  • Understanding the Students We  Serve

Building Relationships

Motivational Strategies

  • Understanding the Parents We Serve

Increasing Self-efficacy 

                      Navigating the Educational Terrain


Elementary and Middle School Science

Elementary  Math